Accounting & Financial Reporting

Navigating The Complexities of Reporting, Increasing Performance & Managing Change with accounting and financial reporting services from MDP accounting firm in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and Toronto
In any company, in any industry, there are multiple departments that function on a day to day basis structured around achieving business goals. These departments may or may not be interdependent, but they are all linked together by a common function – accounting and finance. Accounting and financial reporting are critical to any company, not only for statutory and other regulatory requirements but to quickly educate stakeholders and management on the health and performance of the organization.

Accounting & Financial Reporting Services

Navigating The Complexities of Reporting, Increasing Performance & Managing Change

Stakeholders and the Canadian Revenue Agency demand greater reliability in both financial and non-financial data. Accurate accounting and financial reporting are paramount to financial transparency, evaluation of tax liabilities, mitigation of errors, improved payment cycles, better decision marking, planning, and forecasting. Even the smallest numbers on a financial statement can have a major impact on a business.

Having accurate financial statements not only provide a business with a clear understanding of how the company is performing, but also builds trust with vendors, lenders, and investors. For this reason and many others, it is important to have your accounting and financial reporting completed by a third-party, where objectivity is not an issue. A professional accounting firm can assess all variables, help decide what is best for the business, and ensure stakeholders that reporting is done accurately, objectively, and transparently.

MDP is focused on providing the highest quality reporting services, helping our clients stay on top of their company’s accounting and financial activities. From implementing the latest in accounting changes, working to meet stakeholder or regulatory expectations, dealing with complex organizational issues and transactions, to interest rates and foreign currencies, our team of dedicated Chartered Professional Accountants bring greater confidence to your business. Our firm provides a solid understanding of your company’s financial landscape and the processes to help it succeed.

Our Accounting & Financial Reporting Services can help you with:

  • Balance sheets, profit & loss, cash flow statements, stock holder’s equity
  • Statutory reporting services
  • Quarterly and annual reports
  • Implementing the latest accounting changes
  • Post-general ledger (record) accounting ie. period close, reconciliations, trial balance compilation
  • Evaluation of deficiencies in internal controls
  • Revenue recognition
  • Transaction services
  • IPO readiness
  • Custom financial reporting

MDP is distinct from many other accounting firms. Our practice group consists of individuals dedicated to providing the highest quality accounting & financial reporting solutions. We assist clients with a wide range of audit and assurance services across Southern Ontario, including Mississauga, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


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