Business Valuation & Analytics

Providing guidance and support for using data analytics and determining company worth with business analytics and business valuation services in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and Toronto
It can be difficult to understand the true value of a business. Finances, growing pains, and things like regulatory requirements can distort value. And knowing the value is crucial for acquisitions, wealth management, dispute resolutions, exit-plan strategies, mergers, and more. Business valuation is the process of determining the value of a company while identifying operational inefficiencies to create more value.

Business Valuation & Analytics Services

Providing Guidance & Support For Using Data Analytics & Determining Company Worth

Every business is unique. Assets and liabilities make a company unique. Business valuation is the first step to assess company worth in the current market. This is determined by evaluating many things including the market value of assets, capital structure, revenues, and future earning power. Other parameters are also considered when determining business value, which may include business type, stock value, company history, general economic value, and market competition.

Business valuation is crucial for many reasons, from mergers and acquisitions to improving company efficiencies, understanding company worth lends plenty of benefits. A professional business valuation helps companies better preserve and safeguard business value, enables competitive negotiations during sales, more efficient management of tax-related transactions, improves preparedness during unforeseen events, and much more.

MDP provides business analytics and business valuation services. Combining financial expertise, a deep understanding of the marketplace, and the right tools and resources to deliver results, our team of CPAs help companies understand their true value and make more of it. Our big accounting firm resources, yet small firm feel ensure our clients have the best of both worlds – the tools and people needed to succeed.

Our Analytics & Business Valuation Services can help you with:

  • Financial and tax reporting
  • Complex financial instruments
  • Transaction support
  • Tangible assets
  • Business analytics
  • Alternative investment services
  • Audit support
  • Capital asset advisory
  • Start-up valuations
  • Third party validation
  • Scenario analysis
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Intellectual property
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation of real estate

MDP is distinct from many other accounting firms. Our practice group consists of individuals dedicated to providing the highest quality business analytics and business valuation solutions. We assist clients with a wide range of business advisory services across Southern Ontario, including Mississauga, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


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