MDP’s goal is to help our clients understand and reduce the tax burden. Our firm provides comprehensive commodity and income tax services delivered by a team of professionals who understand federal, provincial, municipal, and international tax regulations.

Tax Services

Tax savings are a universal goal and tax planning is a year around initiative that must be managed accordingly. Our professionals advise companies on the most advantageous methods available for minimizing and deferring taxes while maintaining compliance.

Canadian Tax

Municipal, Provincial, & Federal Tax in Canada.

Employment/Payroll Tax

Minimizing risk and reducing the guesswork in employee compensation.

Research & Development Tax Credits (SR&ED)

Helping companies secure & maximize R&D investment tax credits.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Ensuring compliance and maximizing returns.


Municipal, State, & Federal Tax in the United States.

MDP provides a complete solution of tax services for businesses and private clients. We can help with:

  • Planning for minimization and deferral of taxes
  • Personal financial planning
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Off-shore strategies
  • Severance planning
  • Retirement arrangements
  • Negotiation with Taxing Authorities
  • Compliance reporting

It is crucial for companies to incorporate tax planning into their overall business and investment planning. Clients engage MDP for tax compliance, advisory, and advocacy services across many industries and business structures. MDP is recognized for providing comprehensive, high quality commodity and income tax services to businesses across Southern Ontario for over 25 years.


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