Energy, Oil, & Gas

Our firm appreciates and understands the importance of the energy, oil, & gas industry to the Canadian economy. We know the complexities this industry experiences and the challenges companies deal with especially related to evolving and emerging trends, continual risks, and international economic conditions.

At MDP our dedicated team of accountants and business advisors have extensive expertise in providing specialized accounting, tax, audit, assurance, and business advisory services tailored to energy, oil, and gas companies. We work closely with clients to minimize tax obligations, assist with financing, create customized financial strategies, and many other relevant matters.

We know the industry is characterized by complex challenges and that there is no such thing as a new problem as long as you have industry expertise. Our team can offer our professional perspective on the issues that many companies face, assuring our clients that their advisers can bring the depth of professional solutions they need to effectively manage their business. We bring exceptional value to a business, its investors and shareholders.

Our team is committed to their profession and industry, providing our clients with personalized solutions using an approach that combines accessibility, responsive service, and determination to ensure our clients’ success.

Energy, Oil, & Gas Accounting Services

Our accounting firm provides the following accounting and business advisory solutions to the energy, oil, & gas industries.

MDP is a leading provider of tax, audit & assurance, business advisory, and accounting services to energy, oil, & gas companies across Southern Ontario, including the regions of Mississauga, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


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